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Guide to D.I.Y your Personal POS System

Just like setting up a new home, a good POS system for your business is just like getting a good front door for your home. Most entrepreneurs frown at the costs of having one set up but actually, you can have one set up on your own. Just like DIY-ing your home shelf if you can’t seem to afford one. Try out our list of POS essentials to set up your own personal POS system for business or own personal usage.

Here is the list of things you need to DIY your own home Personal POS system: 

  • POS software

Reference list for 10 free POS systems to choose from here.

Required for managing the software side of things. Readily accessible free downloads can be found online.

  • A desktop computer

Required to hook up all the other accessories and hardware to connect your POS software to your hardware accessories. Additional enhancements may include a touch screen for ease of selection rather than using a mouse for clicking.

  • Barcode Scanners

For the expedite inputting of your text fields and barcode. A barcode scanner with carriage return functionalities will enable you to scan faster while automatically moving you down each row without pressing the enter key. Look for USB plug and play scanners for ease of setup without the hassle of independent software installation.

  • Receipt printers and paper

The Old days of cash registers and machines are long gone. High-Quality Thermal printers print faster, clearer and are better in all ways. Do not save on that. A receipt printer isn’t as simple as just printing receipts for your customers. Receipt printers help to print sales logs, inventory logs, and much other information your POS system can generate.

Also, not forgetting receipt papers for your receipt printers. Most POS receipt printers can dual up as a label printer. Make sure you get the right paper refills for your receipt or label printing needs.

  • Cash Register

Finally, if you are using your POS system to collect payments and money, then you will need a cash drawer or cash register to collect payments for your products.


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