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Condenser Microphone Set-up Procedures

This is a tutorial on how you can do a condenser microphone set-up for your digital devices.

Ever wondered why your newly purchased condenser microphones don’t work when you plug it directly to your digital devices? Such devices can include the iMac, Window laptops, desktop computers, and modern smartphones. Ever thought why after re-confirming no loose connection and spoilt cables, your microphone is still without sounds? Don’t worry, your microphone is not damaged.

Most professional condenser microphones do not come with the ability to directly connect to your digital device. This is because most condenser microphones are analogous and do not match well with devices that are operating digitally. Through learning how to set up your condenser microphone effectively, you can then save time figuring out how to start recording with your new condenser microphone for your digital devices.

Note: Only a digital microphone with USB connection does not require additional audio interfaces for use on digital devices. That being said, prices for digital microphones are high and the quality of one can be sub-par as compared to a full condenser microphone.

To set up your condenser microphone for your digital device, you will require the following items: 

  1. Condenser Microphone
  2. Mixer, Audio Interface or Phantom Power
  3. XLR to XLR Cable – for connecting your Microphones or input devices to your mixer or phantom power
  4. XLR to 6.5mm cable or XLR to 3.5mm cable – for input connection
  5. Digital Device – Player, Computer or Smartphones

Steps for set-up:

  1. Start by connecting your condenser microphone (1) with the XLR – XLR cable (3) to your Audio Interface or phantom power (2)
  2. Using the XLR to 6.5mm or 3.5mm (4), link your audio interface or phantom power to your digital device (5)
  3. Switch on your audio interface or phantom power to start your recording sessions on your digital devices

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