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Learn about Barcode Scanner Specifications

Learn about our barcode scanner specifications to make a more informed choice on your next purchase. Understanding the specs of these devices can better help you source for the scanner most suited for your needs.

This is an example list of specs for our 1-D wireless scanner:

  • Scanner Type: Handheld “Gun” type
  • Scan Depth: 10-500mm
  • Resolution/Precision: 3mils(0.0762mm)
  • Scan rate: 280times/sec
  • Wireless Distance: 50m (indoors), 150m (Outdoors)
  • Light Source: Laser
  • Laser Class: Laser Class III
  • Battery: 1800mA Lithium-ion Rechargeable
  • Connection: USB
  • Material: ABS
  • Shock Resistant: 3m Drop

Scanner Type: Refers to the type of scanner you are purchasing. Other variations include:

  • Counter-Top Horizontal
  • Counter-Top Vertical
  • Handheld Wand
  • Handheld “Gun” Type with fixed Mount
  • Palm-Sized Handheld Mini


Scan Depth: the maximum distance allowed from the scanning area to the barcode before it fails to read the barcode.

Resolution: measured by the size of a dot of light by the scanner. The higher this number, the higher the resolution required for each barcode to be read correctly. The lower the number, the lower the resolution required for the barcode to be read correctly.

Scan rate: measured by the number of times the scanner can read in 1 second.

Wireless Distance(Optional): measured by the distance between the scanner and the input source of the scanner.

Light Source/Light Class: the type of light used for reading the barcode. Light Class refers to the power of the light and if it is harmful if comes directly exposed to the human eye.

Battery: refers to the type of battery used for the scanner. Mostly is only applicable to wireless type scanners. Wired scanners commonly taps on the power provided by the device.

Connection: refers to the type of connection required of the device for the reader to be connected.

Material: refers to the type of material used to make the body of the scanner.

Shock Resistant: refers to the durability of the scanner.

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