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Spring BodyGuard Earpiece – Difference between Walkie Talkie and SmartPhone Version

I’ve received lots of inquiries regarding the difference between the 2 earpiece variations that I have for this Spring BodyGuard Earpiece. I thought I might as well clarify them here so its easier for potential buyers of this item.

There are 3 main variations to this earpiece.

  • for Normal Phone Version(3.5mm connection)

This version of the earpiece comes with a 3.5mm standard connection jack for normal connection to most smartphones and devices with a headphone or earpiece jack. Simply plug it to a 3.5mm port and use this earpiece like a normal earpiece with microphone for communication purposes.

This version of the earpiece does not connect to most walkie-talkies unless it’s specially built catered for that purpose.

Some of the devices that work with this version include: iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi SmartPhones.

  • for Walkie Talkie Older Version(2 Pin flight Jack)

This version of the earpiece works with the older type of walkie-talkies, especially the olden day Motorola walkie-talkies that is rather bigger in size. Walkie talkies that work with this version of the earpiece have a 2-pin port for connection.

  • for Walkie Talkie Modern Version(2.5mm Jack)

If you are using the modern smaller version of walkie-talkies, this version of this bodyguard earpiece will be for you. Normally, this version of walkie-talkies will have a single jack port, smaller than a 3.5mm entry jack for connection. The port for earpiece or headphone connection is usually at the top of the walkie-talkie.

To determine the right variation for your walkie talkie or smartphone, here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Determine if the earpiece is for a walkie-talkie or phone, if it is a phone, most likely, the normal phone version will be the right choice for you.
  2. If you cannot determine the type of device, you can always get a normal earpiece and try plugging it into the port of your device, if the connection is smooth, your device uses the normal phone version as well.
  3. Should a normal 3.5mm earpiece doesn’t fit the port on your walkie-talkie or phone, that means you will need to decide on the other 2 variations.
  4. Upon filtering, simply check if the connection port is a single or dual port connection. If it is a dual port, this means your device is an older version that uses the 2-pin flight jack.
  5. Otherwise, your device will belong to the newer version of smart devices that uses the single pin, but the smaller 2.5mm jack connection port.

For both Walkie-talkie versions of this earpiece, the microphone is replaced with a PTT** button connection.

**A PTT button is a Push to talk button for instantaneous communication

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