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Hazards of Buying from China as a Consumer

Why buying from China might not be such a good decision after all?

Buying from China can be a good way to save up a couple of bucks off your budget as compared to purchasing within your local community. However, buying from China as a consumer has its own risks that you as a consumer will have to bear.

Here are some of the concerns:

Damaged/Broken Items

If you received something of low quality, you won’t want to exchange it. This is because return shipping is normally not covered and overseas shipping can be expensive.

Damaged packaging

If buying it as a gift or reselling the item, a damaged packaging will de-value the item beyond its intended price.

Low-Quality Items

Ever bought something from China and found out that it doesn’t work the way it was being advertised. Or that the picture and the real item differs by a lot? This happens frequently and even though exchanges are possible, they can be hard to execute.

The reasons for this is because:

China is a product wholesale center. The market that they targets are the big boys who purchase from them frequently and resell them in their local community. Not the individuals who purchase solo quantities for their own usage.

If you decide on buying from China, here are some of the possibilities that can happen:

High chance of a low-quality item

They know because exchanges are hard it probably wouldn’t matter to lose you as a customer because you don’t belong to the group that will be giving them the repeated sales.


Manufacturers will tend to spend less on the packaging because of the quantity and the low amount of dollars they make off your order. When you buy an individual item, your item will probably get broken or damaged because of a poorly packaged item.

Logistic Matters

Logistics firm that deals with solo packages don’t really do that well as compared to logistics firms that deal only with corporate orders. Their parcel sorting guys are normally overworked due to the large quantities of small orders to sort and deliver. This is why worders of small logistics firms can get very frustrated and take it out on your parcels.

Logistics companies don’t really take good care of small packages. Larger packages are better protected because they are covered by insurance for damages and they travel in pallets where its harder for other packages to be stacked on top of them.

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