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Why are your pricings different from Marketplaces?

Many of our customers have asked why our pricing differs from Marketplaces such as Qoo10 and Lazada. Those who have compared pricings will realize that the pricing of the same product is slightly lower when viewed from this site than on Marketplaces.

The reason for this is because our own site has lower maintenance costs and hence, we are able to offer more for customers who purchase from our home site. When you purchase from marketplaces like qoo10, Shopee or Lazada, delivery costs and commissions are fees incurred and we have to add them into the costings of the item itself. In order to continue providing high-quality business supplies and professional gears, it’s important that we keep a balance between our pricing and demand. Managing these will allow us to continue growing so we can bring in better products at better pricing for potential and existing clients just like you.

If you have bought items on marketplaces and have paid a higher price and you decide that you would like a shift back to our home site, we welcome you to do so.

Here’s how…

You can now get a rebate off your next purchase if you have previously successfully bought items from us at any one of the 3 marketplaces including Qoo10, Shopee or Lazada. If you decide that you want to make a change to purchase from us, we welcome you to do so and we would like to rebate you off your next purchase. Simply drop us your order no and platform where you ordered from and we will issue you a 10% discount for your next purchase on our website. Please contact us and get your coupon code before your purchase!

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