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Pro-Supplies started out in 2010 as Everything Under simply helping businesses deal with the procurement of their everyday business tools and equipment needs. Over time, we realize the needs of our local business to have stocks readily available at hand whenever they need it. Businesses do not want to wait for their items to arrive and hence, a better solution is required.

Pro-Supplies was born to cater to the needs of local businesses to support their everyday operations. We cater a whole range of common items, including barcode scanners, wall plugs, cable clips, metal cable ties and more. Not just retail, we cater tools and supplies for industries ranging from construction companies, service industries, professionals and even hardcore hobbyist.

Pro-Supplies is Everything Under Business and Professionals section. We deal with everyday business essentials and products for the working professionals. Find all the tools required for executing your job here today.

Why shop with us:
We are concerned with what you receive more than what you expect to receive. We love the items we sell more than you can imagine. We take pride in the items we sell and each order we make.

We don’t just sell items, we learn and we grow as we sell together with the companies we are involved with. We explore and fiddle new items that we import to learn and understand the way it works. Over time, we learn what products are important and what isn’t for certain industries. We advise knowledge on particular products and how we can recommend better products to help particular industries improve and advance.

Items sold on Pro-supplies are either very common items at below market pricings or items that are less available on the market. Anything that you cannot find might be readily available here on pro-supplies so give us a chance and let us serve you.


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