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Yes. You must be thinking. What? FREE SAMPLE?

Yes. We are offering no obligation free samples for our receipt papers and label stickers. So.. Where’s the catch? oh yes, definitely there is, we wouldn’t be giving them out right? These things actually costs money. The only catch here is we just require you to spare us 5 minutes of your time while our guys go ahead and explain and answer any doubts you may have about the paper and stickers that you ordered. This will help us understand your business more and how our paper actually play a part in your business processes. We also want you to experience our hassle-free checkout experience on our website so you know how easy it is to checkout from our website.

Its easy to get your free sample.

  1. Go to any label stickers or receipt paper product page.
  2. As per normal, choose your sizing that you desire.
  3. If the product is entitled to FREE SAMPLE, you will see a request for demo selection just below the size option.
  4. Select “YES! I want a free sample!”
  5. At your checkout page, use the coupon code: 4yFreeDemo
  6. You can add as many products and checkout together in your cart but only the price for 1 sample product will be waived.
  7. Enter your details and click on checkout.
  8. Wait for our guys to do the delivery to your doorstep!

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