Blank RFID Label 4″ x 1″ | 9954 Adhesive Label

blank rfid label 9954
blank rfid label 9954-2

9954 UHF Blank RFID Label with Smart U8 chip for configuration. Each label with its own unique ID for configuration.


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Blank RFID labels are essential components for seamless inventory management and tracking. Our store offers high-quality, durable blank RFID labels that are compatible with various RFID systems. Choose from our wide range of sizes and materials to meet your specific needs. Optimize your inventory management process with our blank RFID labels for accurate and efficient tracking. Shop now for reliable and affordable options

  • Model: 9954 Blank RFID Labels
  • Certification: ISO18000-6C(EPC GEN2 Operating Frequency Global: ISM 902~928MHz
  • Operation Mode: FHSS -Antenna material: Aluminum
  • Carrier Frequency: ultrahigh-frequency (UHF)
  • Detection Distance: 600 cm -Die-cut dimensions::80 x 25 mm(3’’x1’’)
  • Antenna dimensions: 96 x 23mm(4’’ x 1’’)
  • RFID chip: Alien Higgs-3
  • User Memory: 512 Bits
  • Reading & Writing: 100000 Times (>10years)
  • Operating Temperature: -13°F to 122°F [-25°C to +50°C]
  • Storage temperature:-20°C to +80°C (-4°F to +176°F)
  • Usage: Supermarket/Ticket/Asset Management/Parts Tracking and sorting, and so on. Packing: For adhesive Applications: RFID labels are widely used in personnel management, Science, materials management, supply chain management, leasing and library management, retail supply chain management, anti-counterfeit protection, asset management, Factory automation, parcel, handling, fashion, consumer, enterprise and campus card, bus card, highway fees, parking, district management, micro-payment, e-purse, and other fields.
  • Package Content:500 labels per roll. 1 roll per case.


Chip: U8 Core
Antenna Dimension: 96 x 23mm
Inlay Dimension: 80*21mm
Supporting Protocol: ISO18000-6C/EPC GEN2
Suitability: General performance inlay for applications with Geometric constraints.
Application: Apparel, cases, and pallet tags.

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10 Pc Pack, 50 Pc Pack

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