1. If there is any issue with the delivered Products, you shall immediately submit a return form to Everything Under Pte Ltd by way of e-mail to the email address specified and in any event such form shall be lodged within seventy-two (72) hours after receipt of the Products. A reference number will be issued to you upon the receipt of the return form by Everything Under PTE LTD. Everything Under PTE LTD reserves the right to refuse any returned Product where a return form is not submitted or attached. Please follow the instructions stated in the return form and package the Product securely.

2. You acknowledge and accept that all returned Products will be subject to an examination by Everything Under PTE LTD, its merchant, manufacturer or supplier. Everything Under PTE LTD reserves the right to refuse to replace or issue the refund for the returned Products in the following situations, including without limitation: (a) Change of Products without any specific reason; (b) Products with missing merchandise serial number or product code; (c) Non-faulty Products; (d) Promotional items.

You may elaborate further your refund policy to suit your products and can state clearly what scenario or circumstances that no refund is allowed. However, customers or cardholders will still have the right to file for dispute and request for refund if they did not receive the products, product received is spoiled, product received not as per ordered. Etc. This right is protected under the card scheme for up to 6 months from the date of purchase. Singapore has a “lemon law” which allows for consumers to make a claim for the repair, replacement or refund of a defective product within 6 months of purchasing the product.