4k Mini Display Port Multi Video Output Converter

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4K Hi-Definition Mini Display Port Multi-Video Output Converter for your video output conversion needs for MacBooks and surface pros to HDMI Vga or DVI. Just one single port adapter for use on most devices. In-Stock Singapore.


4K Hi-Definition Mini Display Port Multi Video Output Converter for HDMI DVI VGA video ports. Easy conversion of your Macbooks or Surface Pro Video outputs to HDMI, DVI or VGA formats for viewing on projectors or larger screens.

Multiple conversion to different formats and port connections. Easy and convenient.

4K version ensures the highest quality video conversion of your DV camera video recordings and hi-def shootings.

Don’t let the presentation on the big screens be sub-standard. Ensure the highest quality for your converted video formats from your MacBook Airs, Macbooks and Surface Pro.

Adaptor dimensions:

  • Length: 8.4cm
  • Width: 4.4cm
  • Height: 1.7cm

Only 1 output at a time. This is not a splitter.

Package Contents:

1 x Mini DP to HDMI/DVI/VGA adapter

5 reviews for 4k Mini Display Port Multi Video Output Converter

  1. Karen

    well received. tried for work. video quality is good.

  2. mohd_shahi90

    Thanks for the fast processing of my order. Received in good condition. saved my life. thanks a millioon

  3. george99

    Delivery slow, else would have given 5 stars;) Nice item.

  4. donny_78

    Adapter is working fine. Easy to use. Thanks for the fast delivery.

  5. Lau_jk80

    Cheap and good adapter. Works wel for my surface pro

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