USB-C to 4K HDMI DVI VGA USB-3 Adapter

$105.00 $75.00

USB-C to 4K HDMI DVI VGA USB-3 Adapter for high-quality video output processing. Small and convenient design with hassle-free plug and play connection. Stay prepared for all your business presentations and corporate meetings.



USB-C to 4K HDMI DVI VGA USB-3 Adapter.

Multi-Port adapter for added convenience and portability. Stay out of the embarrassment going to a presentation without proper connection to the large screen. This adapter will suit most USB-C output devices. Get greater connectivity with the convenience of 1 single adapter.

Small and portable. Easy for storage and carriage to any location with your laptop or Macbooks.

Plug and Play for fast and hassle-free connectivity.

4K video quality for processing even the highest quality demanded from your video presentations.

Comes in 1 black color available only.


Connection: USB-C

Suits: Macbook, Laptop, Mobile Phones


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