USB-C USB Adapter for Phone to USB Connection

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Easily connect your Smartphones and devices to the outside world with this 1 USB-C USB adapter. Connect your phones to external portable drives, keyboards, mouse, gaming controllers, microphones and more for the ultimate phone-ing experience.

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USB-C USB Adapter

USB-C USB Adapter for USB type-c connection ports to USB connection.

Connect your latest smartphones and Android devices running with a USB-C connection with external devices easily with this 1 single adapter.

Expand the hardware capabilities of your phones with this one single adapter.

Use your phones with external input devices including Barcode scanners, keyboards, mouse, HDD drives and Bluetooth connectors.

Easily plug and play external devices with the USB-C connection port on your phone.

Type, Scan and transfer files easily with this adapter connecting your smart devices to the outside world.

Employ your phones for a vast array of much more useful applications. Do not limit your phones to just software applications.

Package comes with:

1 x USB-C USB Adapter

3 reviews for USB-C USB Adapter for Phone to USB Connection

  1. Ken99

    successfully connected my barcode scanner

  2. Lina

    quality item. Works well with my usb-c port

  3. Evelyn

    Good. now i can connect my portable hdd to s8 plus

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