Digital Optical Audio Cable(2m)

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2m digital optical audio cable for digital devices. Enjoy smooth and crisp audio transmission from input to soundbars, hi-fi systems, and audio players. In-stock and available in Singapore.


2M Digital Optical Audio cable

Digital Optical Audio Cable for soundbars, audio hi-fi systems and high-quality audio speakers.

Seeking something to connect your soundbars, audio players, and hi-fi systems? Seeking an affordable audio connection without having to suffer on the quality of your audio transmission? This optical audio cable will take music enjoyments on your digital devices to the next level. Simply connect your digital sound devices to your input sources and start enjoying your favorite sounds and music.

2m long Toslink connection digital optical audio cable to satisfy distant connections.

High-quality inner copper encased cable for even smoother audio transmission.

Connect from audio players to hi-fi speakers or the SoundBar.

Comes in transparent plastic packaging.

Areas of usage:

  • Home
  • Office


  • Connection Type: Male to Male Toslink connection
  • Length: 2m cable.

4 reviews for Digital Optical Audio Cable(2m)

  1. Bhari

    good for soundbar. works. was afraid it couldn’t enter initially coz the port looks small and this looks big. but could get it in.

  2. Yusof

    Just right for my needs. delivery alittle slow only.

  3. kathhika68

    solved my problem with my soundbar. will buy again once i get my 2nd soundbar.

  4. tenese90

    Works well with my soundbar. Quality Cable. no lost on audio quality.

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