HDMI to DVI Cable with Booster (Male to Male)

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HDMI to DVI connection cable. High-Quality connection. Bi-directional Male to Male connection for dual way adaptability.


HDMI to DVI Cable

Bi-Directional HDMI to DVI Cable with Booster for all video port connections.

Do you need something to connect your desktop to your computer LCD, LED Monitor? Bought a new screen and realize that the default cable that comes with the monitor does not suit the port on your CPU? With this HDMI to DVI Cable, you can now quickly hook your new screen up and enjoy the glory of your purchase with your desktop.

Connect HDMI to DVI or DVI to HDMI. This cable is bi-directional meaning it can connect from your PC to Monitor or the other way around.

Male to Male connection for device to device connections.

Enjoy HD Quality video of your games and videos with this one cable. Don’t sacrifice for a lower quality.

Great for use with Desktop CPU to video screen connections, Mi TV Boxes, projectors and more.

1m cable suitable for most standard video connection purposes.


  1. Resolution: HD 1080 x 980px
  2. Type: HDMI Male to DVI Male Output
  3. HDMI Type: HDMI A Type
  4. Connection Tip: Gold Plated Tip

2 reviews for HDMI to DVI Cable with Booster (Male to Male)

  1. Jane

    Good. now can connect my old monitor.

  2. Jane

    Been trying to look for this exact cable. Quite hard to find.lucky can find it here. Thanks

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