Audio Input Output Splitter (Mic/Earphone)

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Single Port to Dual Split audio input/output jack for iPhones, Samsung, and other single audio port devices. Compatible with most single port devices requiring an additional port for input functions.


Audio Input Output Splitter (Mic/Earphone)

Audio Input Output Splitter for splitting single dual-enabled ports on smartphones, tablet devices, and gaming consoles.

Most modern smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, and devices come with dual-enabled audio ports that serve both audio input and output devices. By default, these devices are configured to serve output devices such as your speakers. By using these ports with this adapter, you will be able to cater your devices single audio port for both audio input devices and output devices.

  • Input devices such as Microphones, recorders.
  • Output devices such as speakers, soundbars.

Single jack to dual input and output ports to cater to a variety of external audio input devices.

Best used for mobile phones and portable devices like the MacBook Air.

Most commonly bought for use with condenser microphones for use with smartphones for Smule

Compatible with most modern devices today. iPhones, Samsung tablets, Galaxy Note, and phones.

This splitter is also compatible with brands such as Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi.

2 reviews for Audio Input Output Splitter (Mic/Earphone)

  1. ted

    Got it fast and works well:)

  2. Thomas

    Thanks. finally got my mic to work with my smule working.

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