USB 3 Pin Power Plug (1A) Charging Adaptor

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1A USB 3 Pin Power Plug. Used most commonly for phone charging. Can be used to power USB enabled devices as well. A handy companion for your mobiles and usb portable devices. Carry this 1A USB 3 Pin Power Plug on your travels for all your charging needs.


1A USB 3 Pin Power Plug for charging and connection purposes.

Going for your holiday travels? Need something to keep your phones and smart devices charged and powered? Getting a spare or extra set of charging plugs for your USB charging cables? This USB 3 Pin Power Plug is the solution to your needs.

Simple, lightweight and convenient. Carry it around to keep your smart devices charged wherever you go.

Great for travel purposes and also as a spare at the workplace.

Corporate usage includes industrial testing and for parts to be used in projects for developments.

Suitable for home use, corporate or industrial usage.

Comes labeled with safety seal.


  • Current Supplied: 1A
  • Voltage: 5V

6 reviews for USB 3 Pin Power Plug (1A) Charging Adaptor

  1. Angie

    no problems with these. didn’t want to bring the original one for travel. these are cheap alternatives.

  2. Felix

    can charge. not much different from the original tho pricing is cheaper by alot

  3. Franciz

    Good Quality. lighter than original. But works well.

  4. Sam

    once again. ordered for my sensors. very good. One of them blown but i guessed still okay for my 3rd batch of 120pcs/

  5. asiatech98

    Thank you. All plugs working fine for our project. Do assist with the expedite of the bulk order as well.

  6. liu88

    Thanks for the timely response. Needed urgently for my sensors.

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