Camcorder Condenser Microphone

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Outdoor DVR Video Recording Analog Camcorder Condenser Microphone for outdoor video recording or production. Record high-quality audio for your video recording needs.

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Camcorder Condenser Microphone

Camcorder Condenser Microphone for the outdoor video crew.

Ever find yourself in the need for a high-quality audio capturing device for your video camcorder? Most videos wouldn’t be considered complete without a proper audio narrative or speech? Ensure your video projects do not go lacking on the important audio parts of interviews or narration. Keep your raw audio quality in the same quality range as your video output.

This Camcorder Condenser Microphone will suit all your needs for interviews, press conference audio capturing or simply for creating outdoor video content with audio.

This microphone is great for outdoor video production and recording crews. Pair your high-quality video up with a quality audio narrative or speech. No more troublesome software audio matching required. Simply capture live audio with the video feed itself.

Fits most Camcorder or Boom Sticks for long-range recording.

Plug and record. No Configuration or software required.

Camcorder Compatible.

Package includes:

  • 1) 1 x Analog condenser Microphone.
  • 2) 1 x 3m XLR Cable to 3.5mm Jack Cable.
  • 3) 1 x Sponge muffler.
  • 4) 2 x microphone stand Adaptors.

2 reviews for Camcorder Condenser Microphone

  1. ahmad92

    Thank you for the fast delivery. Just in time for our outdoor video casting.

  2. shawnRx2

    Should have listed in the description that your item require an additional amplifier or phantom power. Doesn’t work directly.

    • Lawrence Goh

      We apologize for the misunderstanding. We will update the listing to prevent future inconveniences.

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