Classic Black Gold Condenser Microphone for Casual Home Singing 电容麦克风

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Looking to record for Smule or quality noise free vocals in a professional recording studio setting. This condenser microphone works well and is compatible with the most device on a 3.5mm microphone Jack. In-Stock and Available in Singapore. iPhone users might require pre-amp mixer.


AU800 Classic Black Gold Condenser Microphone for K-Singing and Smule App Singing

Looking to sing on the Smule app or seeking for quality noise free vocals in a professional recording studio setting? This condenser Microphone is the perfect singing and recording companion for the avid singer. This mic is compatible with most devices with a 3.5mm microphone Jack. Our Mic works DIRECTLY with all Samsung phones. Additional single port to dual port splitter still required for usage on dual-function earphone ports. Looking for one? Simply get a splitter, connect it and record your life away. Looking for something more on the higher end? Try out our FA800 Microphone today!

If you want to hear how you sound as you record into the computer then this is one audio accessory you do not want to miss. This microphone is built for the music and karaoke lover.

This condenser microphone is among some of the recommended must-have electronics at homes. Start recording clear crisp noise proof audio. No more background noises or distorted sounds. Get a clear crisp voice for your youtube podcast recordings or Smule app.

Understanding Condenser Microphones..

In a condenser mic, the diaphragm acts as one plate of a capacitor and works against a static backplate to create voltage variations, when hit by sound waves. The variations become the electrical signal the mic sends to your mic preamp on its way to the recording device. This, in turn, results in greater sensitivity of condenser microphones over their dynamic counterparts.

This microphone comes with a special 3.5mm jack for direct usage on most laptops’ and computers’ 3.5mm audio port. Enjoy this set further on a home theatre system with a 6.5mm jack.

This condenser microphone helps to filter out the background noises and echo. Get a nice clean voice from inputs into the microphone. Use compatible audio software such as GarageBand or Logic Express to add your own preferred audio enhancement to the inputted sound.

Things to note:

Note: For iPhone, other android phones and iMacs, MacBooks, Laptops and other devices, full amplification is required. ONLY Samsung phones can directly connect to this full condenser Mic. All other phones** require an additional audio interface or a phantom power for audio gain as sold in our store as well.

**all other phones: iPhones, Laptops, Android phones like Huawei, Xiaomi, Sony phones.

Package includes:

  • Condenser mic x 1
  • Sponge muffler x 1
  • Shock mount x 1
  • Cable to PC x 1

6 reviews for Classic Black Gold Condenser Microphone for Casual Home Singing 电容麦克风

  1. Wesley

    v.nice mic. Loved it and thanks for informing on the phantom power.

  2. Kassad

    Mic quality is good. delivery fast. thanks.

  3. Wee ming

    Records well. a more affordable solution for those who have a tight budget.

  4. 溏心


  5. yu_sheng

    Received just in time for my recording project tml. works great too.

  6. kyu88

    received. reasonable quality for the price. alot cheaper than professional mics. good for personal usage.

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