Noise-Proof Pop Filter for Analog Microphones

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Dual Layer mask filter for removing unwanted sounds and noises from vocals going into your input devices. Deliver crisp, clear vocals and sounds that you want recorded into your audio devices.


Noise-Proof Pop Filter for Analog Microphones

High-Quality audio Filter for noise-proof recordings.

Looking for something to enhance the quality of your microphone input? Do you hope that your microphone can have a cleaner recording sound without all the background noises that you will have to remove with your software later? This audio noise-proof pop filter will take your professional recordings to the next level. Discover cleaner audio inputs today without having to edit them later within the software. Enjoy cleaner, raw audio inputs for better audio enhancements later.

Double Layered cross mask filter for additional noise filtering against unwanted noise and sounds.

Significantly reduces external noises when using extra sensitive recording devices eg: condenser microphone.

Common usage in recording studios, recording classes, live podcast, broadcasting house and more.

This audio filter can be attached to most modern mic stands using a screw clamp clip.

Package includes:

1 x Dual Layer Mask Pop Filter

1 review for Noise-Proof Pop Filter for Analog Microphones

  1. Yao Guang

    Great item. Cheap and seriously good quality.

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