Cobbler’s Shoe Glue 粘鞋胶

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Cobbler’s Shoe glue for D.I.Y shoe mending. Repair drop out heels, fallen soles and much more without all the waiting and expensive costs of repair.



Cobbler’s Shoe Glue for high-quality shoe mending.

Do you find your favorite shoes coming off far too often and going to a cobbler for repairs is an expensive option to buying a brand new one. Now you can! With our cobbler’s shoe glue, you can now D.I.Y the mending of your shoes cheap and fast. No more waiting at the cobblers or paying more for your shoes to be repaired

Great for usage with soccer boots, heels, leather shoes and other sticking purposes.

Commonly used by cobblers to mend fallen out soles and heels.


  • Apply a thin even layer of shoe glue on each side of the area to stick.
  • Carefully place the 2 layers together and hold them with clothes peg for up to 8-12 hrs.


  • Type: D.I.Y Item


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