Metal Cable Ties Stainless Steel 100 PCS 4.6*300mm

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Industrial Stainless Steel Metal Cable ties for all securing and fastening needs. For securing heavy machinery parts and binding metal poles. Durable, high grade  and Strong. No more snapping and falling off of your cable ties. Simply fasten and tighten. Cut only to release. Get it now!


High-Quality Stainless Steel Metal Cable ties

Require high-quality cable ties for all your heavy-duty D.I.Y Fastening and securing? If you had dealt with those vulnerable plastic cable ties snapping off over your stuff, then this metal cable ties will probably succeed your current plastic cable ties for a more intensive and long-lasting fastening. This cable tie is suitable for securing heavy stuff and strong bending holds because the only way it can get loose is by manually cutting it with a wire cutter. Get this super strong cable tie and satisfy all your fastening and securing needs forever.

Don’t ever have to worry for a cable tie

Super Strong and Durable cable ties that will, henceforth, prevent any snapping.

Replace your current inventory of plastic cable ties with these metal cable ties for an even stronger and lasting hold on parts, machinery, and equipment.

Used for securing industry-grade or heavy-duty items like metal tubes, poles, and machinery. This is also great for home use for a permanent hold on racks and cupboards as well.

Areas of usage include:

  • -Heavy industries
  • -construction
  • -maintenance works and more.
  • -Home D.I.Y works

-Factories, warehouses


  • -Comes in 100 PCS pack.
  • -Standard Sized: 4.6mm width.
  • -Length: 300mm.

18 reviews for Metal Cable Ties Stainless Steel 100 PCS 4.6*300mm

  1. andy


  2. Liew

    Super Strong. Been searching for some time now. pricing is not too expensive also.

  3. ezeckial

    Super strong. V. satisfied with item.

  4. James

    super strong quality. satisfy my needs. thanks

  5. GuanYue

    Same. good but delivery is a problem and took 3 days after payment.

    • Lawrence Goh

      hi. We apologize for the slow delivery by ninjavan. we are already in the midst of using other reliable courier services.

  6. 凯德

    第一次用。 改次肯定会再买。力度超强。

  7. Iqbail

    Strong. powerful. Tested. works well.

  8. Gwen

    Strong and good. very durable. Good for heavy duty usage.

  9. Lai Ming

    Quality ties. Don’t break. Can hold items together. Scissors cannot cut. Wire cutter needed.

  10. jason

    很好。非常扎实 。不像塑料的,一绑就松。

  11. Paul

    Very strong quality ties. Able to secure stuffs in place very tightly.

  12. Xander

    Super strong. Better than those plastic ones that keeps falling off.

  13. jiahao

    very strong indeed. just nice to hold my broken pipes in place.

  14. Yeo

    Awesome item. Super strong and durable. love it.

  15. weeseng89

    Item received. Please advise when stocks come in. Thanks.

  16. Low

    Gotten the item. very strong and durable.

  17. LC

    haha. wasted one piece testing. really cannot release after secure. v strong. good for permanent fastening.

  18. Tan

    very cheap for the qty. Super strong and durable also.

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