Metal Plummet “Plumb Bob” Weight

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Metal Plummet “Plumb Bob” Weight for industrial measurements. Assist in pinpointing perfect vertical inclinations from ceilings for construction or D.I.Y home fittings. Measure perfect vertical straights with this heavy metallic plumb bob. 0.3kg of metal to prevent swaying due to wind.


Metal Plumb Bob

Metal Plummet “Plumb Bob” Weight for measuring perfect straight vertical inclinations.

Do you need something to measure vertical distances? Building vertical pillars between floors, street lamps or signboards and require measuring balanced vertical heights? If your answer is yes, then this metal plummet plumb bob will be for you. This metal plummet can assist construction industries for tall building or skyscraper construction. Also, furniture companies for furniture installation and home D.I.Y personnel from self-installation.

With 0.3kg of heavy metal, this metal plummet doesn’t get even more stable any further. Due to its heavy weight, it can sustain light gusts of winds to ensure your measurements does not go off.

Suitable for usage in construction companies, mechanics, technicians, furniture businesses, fixtures installers, D.I.Y personnel.

This metal plummet comes with a cone-shaped design for even more accurate pinpoint measurements.


  • Weight: 300g
  • Width: 4.2cm
  • Length: 8.6cm


3 reviews for Metal Plummet “Plumb Bob” Weight

  1. Justin

    Didn’t come with the fishnet lining?

  2. Mr Foo

    was looking one that weighs enough for my usage. This is good. Delivery alittle slow tho.

  3. JeanKai

    good. Abit too big for my needs but its the cheapest out there.

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