Core Muscle Training Wheel Brand: FLOTT

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Core Muscle Training Wheel for the ultimate abs training experience. Get a ripped six pack abs that your friends will envy and the opposite gender will die for. Shed the fats and start working on those abs today.


Flott Core Muscle Training Wheel

Powerful Core muscle training wheel for both the men and ladies. Train your core muscles and keep your waist in shape.

Your core is one of the largest muscle of the human exoskeletal muscle structure. Keep it well maintained and enhance your overall sports performance today! A well-defined core will help to make all your sports activities easy. All rounded sports such as gym, basketball, soccer, and canoeing emphasizes majority on core strength for sports performance. Having a powerful core will help to propel your performance on such activities

Tone up more than the central abs but also the obliques as you maintain balance on the bar.

High-Quality Cushion grips with powerful dual wheel structure.

Double Dual Core Axial wheels package suitable for beginners to Expert level.

Set your own difficulty level by changing the number of wheels fitted for more balancing support.


Wheel Material: Rubber Double non-hollow rubber wheels for complete durability

BarMaterial: Dual enhanced Stainless steel Structure suitable for any user


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