Symcode Bluetooth Barcode Scanner 蓝牙扫描枪

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Symcode Bluetooth Barcode Scanner for wireless connectivity via Bluetooth transmission. No more troublesome dongles and hassle configuration. Simply pair it with a bluetooth-enabled device and use it with your phones or any other modern day smart devices.


Symcode Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Symcode Wireless Bluetooth Barcode Scanner for logistical operations or the retail front.

Do you require something to take your barcode scanning needs to the next level? You probably realize that you need an easy and seamless way to connect your barcode scanner to your phones or devices without a USB-enabled port? If you are finding a solution to this problem, then this Bluetooth barcode scanner is the perfect companion for you. This Bluetooth barcode scanner will easily connect wirelessly with any Bluetooth enabled device without a dongle. As a result, giving you even greater convenience for your daily scanning needs.

Why use a wired barcode scanner when you can enhance your scanning flexibility with this Bluetooth enabled barcode scanner. Do not limit your scanning capabilities with a wired barcode scanner unless due to budget constraints.

Apart from that, this wireless scanner comes coupled with a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This will allow for lesser time with a wired connection while giving you the freedom for a longer scan time. Charging can be done via USB connection to a USB charging port.

High-powered Fast, Bluetooth connected barcode scanning. Enjoy up to 100 scans per second. No waiting or loading time in between scans.

Connects directly to your phone or computer via CSR 4.0 Bluetooth.

Great for delivery drivers, logistics, warehouse, storefront and more.


  • Type: 1D Barcode Scanning only
  • Wireless: Yes, Bluetooth
  • Battery: Lithium-ion

Package includes:

  • 1) 1 x Bluetooth Wireless Scanner
  • 2) 1 x Bluetooth adapter [not required for Bluetooth enabled devices]
  • 3) 1 x charging cable [USB to RS232 connection]

11 reviews for Symcode Bluetooth Barcode Scanner 蓝牙扫描枪

  1. Kenji

    Quality above average. Not as expensive as those premium brands like honeywell & socket mobile. But definitely worth your dollars for every cent paid. completely satisfied.;)

  2. Sean

    Works as said. Pretty heavy but i like the overall feel of it. the grip is comfortable and the scanning is fast.

  3. A Star Technologies

    Works well. Will definitely get more.

  4. Hamil Redmart

    default scanner provided by company not good. this scanner so much better. seller was courteous too. thanks bro.

  5. Cherylee

    range is good. Scanning is sensitive. Overall a great buy.

  6. Chin

    Thanks. Pricing is good. Build quality is awesome. Worth the price.

  7. Jenn

    Out of stock for quite some time. finally got it. Good price. Quality market standard. so far no problems using.

  8. BeeHeng

    good scanner. Enjoyed. Very nice seller. arranged to collect after work late night and he accomodaated. will recommend my friends to get also.

  9. 很好。贵了一些。可是东西不错。

  10. Jeremy

    Better than expected. not the cheap quality. great scanning quality.

  11. Kiesley

    Perfect item. now can easily connect via Bluetooth.

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