Symcode SC-2150 Wired Barcode Reader
Symcode SC-2150 Barcode Reader Actual

[SYMCODE SC-2150] 1D/2D Wired / Wireless Barcode Scanner


Symcode SC-2150 Barcode Scanner Reader. 1D and 2D Applicable to read both single-line barcodes and QR codes. Modified for increased intensity. Beam Type: CCD. Lightweight. Super Portable. Warehouse Usage, Shipping, Courier and Logistics.

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SYMCODE SC-2150 Barcode Scanner
Lightweight, Portable yet Powerful enough for your business and Warehouse needs.
Plug and Play.
Compatible with Mac, Windows, iPhone, and Android for USB Plug and Play.
Easily plug and play.
No software, no configuration.
Works on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.
Able to scan slight reflective surfaces and electronic screens.

Package Contents:
1 x Wired Scanner / Scanner with Dongle
1 x Data / Charging Cable
1 x English Manual

4 Variations:
SC-2150 – 1D wired: Scans Barcodes Only
SC-2150CA – 1D wireless: Scans Barcodes Only
SC-2150D – 2D wired: Scans Barcodes + QR Codes
SC-2150DA – 2D wireless: Scans Barcodes + QR Codes Only

Additional information

Dimensions 20 × 15 × 8 cm

1D Wired, 1D Wireless, 2D Wired, 2D Wireless, 1D Bluetooth

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