3M Bullet Earplugs for Sound-Proof Protection

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SLC80 21dB (Class 3) earplugs for increase protection against sharp and loud noises. Enjoy better hygiene with smooth resistant surface. Soft hypo-allergenic cotton foam fits wearer’s ear for comfortable extended periods of usage.



3M 1100 Bullet Earplugs

3M 1100 Sound Insulation Bullet Earplugs for increased ear protection.

Is your workplace under heavy noise stress? Do you work in a noisy environment and require something to protect the sharp, loud noises from penetrating your ears and damaging it? Working shifts and require rest in the day? We understand how frustrating it is to sleep when kids make noises in the park below or drilling works nearby is causing much distress.

Let us help!

Let us help you prevent damage of the ears from extended periods of exposure to loud and sharp noises. Safeguard your ears and prevent long-term irreversible damage from unwanted noises to your ears.

Suitable for use in noisy workplaces such as construction sites, warehouse, rifle/gun ranges, motorsports-related events, aircraft ground crew, and entertainment industries.

Small and compact bullet sized design with soft, hypoallergenic cotton foam and tapered design to provide a noise-reducing seal in the ear canal.

This bullet earplug is easy to fit and easy to remove.

Soften to fit once on for extended periods of wear.


Width: 1.1cm


3 reviews for 3M Bullet Earplugs for Sound-Proof Protection

  1. Yihui

    okay. Still can hear the vibrations and noises. Not completely soundproof. still can hear muffled sounds.

  2. leslie90

    Earplug is good. But would be better if got the string to connect the pair. Split ones easily lost.

  3. ling_95

    Good. received the plugs. Good sound protection.

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