RFID Blocking Card Case

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RFID Blocking Card Case

Secure your credit cards or debit cards with Paywave today!

RFID Blocking Card Case to prevent unauthorized electronic access to your RFID / NFC emitting cards.

Learn to prevent Electronic Theft via RFID Skimming. Electronic skimming is a technique previously used on ATM cards and Credit cards to steal sensitive information from a user’s card chip. However, with the increase in the widespread use of wireless electronic payments, wireless card tapping via NFC for payments is also becoming a common norm. For the unsuspecting user, hackers can now easily retrieve information from your cards via RFID skimming to use for malicious purposes against you. Its always better to be safe than sorry. This RFID Blocking card case can help protect your card information from unauthorized access.

Nice, Slick, and slim Matt Black case to prevent your valuable cards from external RFID Scanning.

Small and portable for ease of storage and access to your cards. Store and secure up to 6 cards at one time.

Completely block off all wireless NFC access to your cards. This is much more efficient than putting an RFID card blocker into your wallet.

Smart design to allow easy and clear retrieving of your cards from the casing.

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1 review for RFID Blocking Card Case

  1. Rong ke

    Nice feel to it. can put 6 cards. cards are easily retrievable.

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